Portrait of Paul Centore
by Lynn Anderson
Portrait of Paul Centore by Lynn Anderson

Need Some Consulting Help with Colour? Want to Use Colour Better?

(last updated April 2, 2015)

Dr. Centore works as a freelance colour scientist, and is available on a contract basis for large or small colour-related projects. In addition to a technical background (a PH.D. in mathematics, plus a solid colour science publication record), Dr. Centore also has an art/design/graphics background (a bachelor's degree in studio fine art). Current projects include:

1. Producing, printing, and publishing an affordable, colour-accurate Munsell book,
2. Organizing artist's pastels, and producing colour-accurate guides that help artists use pastels more effectively,
3. Developing a usable method for artists when mixing acrylic paints,
4. Producing affordable swatch books for the fashion industry, to the client's colour specifications.

If you need help with colour, feel that your colour use is not in control, or just suspect you could use colour more effectively, please contact me to see how I can help.

Contact Information

Email: {paul ATSIGN isletech.net}
Phone: (860) 449-0493
Address: 62 Chicago Avenue, Groton, Connecticut 06340, USA

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